Atenas Coffee Tour, an organic expedition

Atenas Coffee Tour Toledo, Costa Rica
Atenas Coffee Tour Toledo
Atenas Coffee Tour
Atenas Coffee Tour
Toledo Coffee
Toledo Coffee, Atenas Costa Rica

Organic Coffee from Atenas Costa Rica

In times where the world is changing fast and we have all been told that we need to start making things different, here in Atenas we invite you to be both the witness and the performer of the action.

In partnership with Café Toledo we offer you the possibility to experience in detail the behind-the-scenes of an organic coffee plantation in the heights of San Isidro de Atenas. Within only 10 min. drive from our B&B and sitting at almost 1200 mt (3400 feet) above sea level, you’ll be welcome by Café Toledos’s friendly owner Gabriel Calderon.

We guarantee you a fully immersion course on coffee, its cultivation, processing and what it means for the environment and the economy in our community.

You will be first walked through the plantation, here, step by step, you’ll get loads of information on how to manage and run a coffee business and taking just what’s enough from the natural surroundings and wisely interacting with the soil, aquifers and vegetation in order to create an ensemble of units that all together protect and benefit the coffee plant which is the productive unit of this business.

The second stop will consist of visiting the small roasting facilities where you will be the one choosing how dark or light you like your coffee before taking you to the tasting of several nuances of roasting. You’ll also have the option to have lunch with Gabriel’s family and to top it all, making out of this experience a cultural one, where you’ll be able to get to know more about the true Costa Rican, smiley, friendly and always welcoming.

After this enriching experience we assure you that drinking your coffee will mean more to you than just a daily routine. For us it means helping our community and Mother Nature while simply sitting back, relaxing and enjoying our morning cup of coffee from Café Toledo in San Isidro de Atenas, Costa Rica.

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