Map of Atenas, Costa Rica

If you are planning to catch the public transportation services to Atenas you have 2 departure destinations:

From San Jose downtown: the bus terminal is located in the Coca Cola Market, a well know terminal buses for other routes. The price is about USD$1.62 per person.

From Alajuela town (Airport Area), the bus terminal is located in Terminal Cecosa, just in the heart of Alajuela. Price per person is USD$1.14.

Departs from San Jose donwtown Departs from Alajuela downtown
Week Saturdays Sundays
05:40am 06:00am 07:45am
06:30am 06:30am 08:30am
07:00am 07:15am 09:15am
07:30am 07:45am 10:30am
08:00am 09:00am 12:00hours
08:30am 10:00am 12:30pm
09:00am 11:00am 01:30pm
10:00am 12:00hours 03:00pm
11:00am 01:00pm 04:30pm
12:00hours 01:30pm 05:30pm
12:30 02:00pm 06:30pm
01:00pm 02:30pm 07:00pm
01:30pm 03:00pm 10:00pm
02:30pm 03:30pm  
:03:20pm 04:00pm  
04:00pm 04:30pm  
04:30pm 05:00pm  
05:00pm 05:30pm  
05:30pm 07:00pm  
06:00pm 08:30pm  
06:30pm 10:00pm  
Week Saturdays Sundays
05:50am 07:00am 07:45am
07:00am 08:30am 08:45am
08:00am 09:30am 10:00am
09:00am 10:00am 11:00am
10:00am 11:00am 12:30pm
11:00am 12:00hours 01:30pm
12:00hours 01:00pm 02:00pm
01:00pm 02:00pm 03:00pm
02:00pm 02:30pm 04:00pm
03:00pm 03:30pm 05:00pm
04:00pm 04:30pm 06:00pm
04:30pm 05:30pm 06:30pm
05:00pm 06:30pm 08:00pm
05:30pm 07:30pm 10:30pm
06:30pm 08:00pm  
07:30pm 09:00pm  
09:15pm 10:30pm  
Map of Atenas, Costa Rica